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Leia Perez

James was so awesome at my casino night birthday party! Given the theme I was expecting plenty of card tricks but he even went the extra mile with the stunts and had everyone amazed and begging for secrets!

Jessica Lovejoy

What a great addition for our Father Daughter Dance! James worked the room and engaged the girls and their Dad’s. The girls would flock around him excitedly watching him preform! Communication was excellent and he arrived early! Thank you, James!

Landa D.


I can't say enough about him. He was great! Everyone loved it! This is a great addition to any party! I highly recommend him! Thank you again

for a great job!

Kate Lipford

Mesmerizing and fun for everyone, James is a great entertainer! We thought a strolling magician would be a nice, low key way to add that extra flair and whimsy we wanted at our wedding. He was a hit and a hoot to boot! His personable style and engaging personality had my guests' attention while he performed and post- trick discussion served as an excellent ice breaker for guests who didn't know one another. His strolling magic is excellent. Everyone is still scratching their heads and trying to figure out how he did various things. Bravo!

National Glam-More-Us Pageant


What can I say about James F Bailey Esquire III is "AMAZING". I hired James to come and perform during our crowning dinner to give entertainment and to make the contestants relax before our crowning ceremony began. The audience was on the edge of their seats. He involved the girls and walked around to the tables to get people to participate. Then once he finished he stayed to the end of the pageant to see who would become my next royalty and to congratulate them and get them to say what they most liked about the show. I would highly recommend James to come to your event. Let me say I went to Vegas and paid good money to see a magician named (Angel) not using his whole name. I saw wires and the show was not entertaining at all. The whole time James preformed I wondered how he did it. With that being said you can make your own mind up. Thank You James and I look forward to hiring you in the future.

  • Reviewer: Joann Dapp

  • Services Provided: Strolling/Close-up Magician

Aj D.


The balloon thing this blows my mind 😱

Brandon B.

Very good job putting on a show and making it interactive with the audience. Never a dull moment, just the way I like it.

Lauren G.

Great timing, funny and clever.

American Legion Dinner Show

James was hired to entertain a small group at an

American Legion in Fern Park. He added a lot of

comedy and curiosity to our event and members

had nothing but positive comments about his

performance. Planning to hire him again in the near


  • Reviewer: Erin Lee

  • Services Provided: Strolling/Close-up Magician

Tzviky D.


Yolanda Dorsey

This act was great. The interaction with the audience was amazing. The Magentleman was a class-act.

Katelyn F.

I saw James do some magic tricks while I was in Orlando. He was amazing and incredibly skilled at close up Magic. He has a great personality and makes it a lot of fun for everyone around. He has some great jokes too.

Alex A.

The Magic, humor, and performance was more than expected. Would definitely recommend him for any event.

 Michele L.


"Daredevil. Kept me entertained till the end. Great audience involvement. Will def go see his show again! :)"


Aimee W.


"Highly entertaining! A great balance of skill and distracting humor that allows the flow of his show to move along. A good variety of acts that are not the usual carnival faire. I highly recommend him."


Gloria V.


James "The Magentleman" as my three YO called him was excellent for our child's party! We had 21 kids ranging in age from 2-12 and he hit all age groups. The manic was smart, funny, and interactive. Perfect for the party we had.

Ashley R.

James performed for my best friend and I for my birthday and it was the best show I've seen. It was a great time and definitely a birthday to remember. James performed a special trick especially for my birthday and it was a wonderful way to end the night.

Derron F.


I've seen him perform at several events and each time I rack my brain trying to figure out just how someone could do these things. I've been on the edge watching him as he risked blindingly stabbing his hands and even pulling fire out of his wallet. After his shows I really started to believe in magic.

Anika B.

He is a breathtaking magician! Always coming up with different tricks that always amaze.

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